La evolución natural de su organización con impacto directo en los y eficiencias operativas sin paralelo.

Implement structured processes for the insurance underwriting cycle
Make the step change from paperbased to automated workflows
Eliminate duplicate data entry, improve underwriting productivity and
Enable better decision making through process analytics
Enforce structured workflows for pricing & policy preparation
Deliver best-in-class case management

Bizagi delivered the first process in just 8 weeks. The results were fast and impressive: the leap from paper based to automated processes has reduced the time taken to prepare quote/offers by 40% while renewals now take 1-3 hours opposed to 1+ day.

Bizagi’s data-centric platform provides a solid basis for both experience and facts-based underwriting practices, providing easy access to previous quotes, quotation history, templates and reports. This holistic view has brought levels of consistency, productivity and teamwork not seen before. Complex offers can now be prepared in parallel, merged and split; all of which improve response times to customers. Broker portal integration completes the picture, providing 1000+ insurance brokers’ staff with the ability to instigate new business online, seamlessly linked with pipeline management and underwriting processes. All this is a huge step up from the previous MS Office/email based “case management.”

Bizagi’s layered “stack” architecture has been critical to the fast results. Loosely coupled connectors between the process layer and respective integration points enables Generali to create working processes, then rewrap them quickly to distribute or reuse across other member countries. The result is a hugely effective way to deliver multi-company, multi-language deployments that become more cost-effective with scale.
The numbers say it all: Bizagi BPMS cost 50% of competitive offerings; a figure likely to rise to 90% as the rollout continues.

  • IHS Markit proyecta que para el 2025 existirán 75 billones de aparatos conectados a internet en el mundo


  • Forbes estima que para el 2020 cada ser humano creara 1.7 mb de datos por segundo


  • Se estima que a nivel organizacional la cantidad de datos se duplica cada 1.2 años


  • La organización promedio solo incluye de forma efectiva el 15% de sus datos al momento de tomar decisiones.

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